Living Systems Information Biofeedback Therapy

VEGA Bio-expert

Living Systems Information Biofeedback is a method for accessing Living Systems Information that is based on more than half a century of German research in electrodermal screening. LSI Biofeedback provides the contemporary health practitioner with a powerful tool for personalizing patient care.

The Living Systems Biofeedback Information Screening will be part of the healthcare education and patient care you will receive when being seen at Infinite Wellness.  Being a Member of the American Association of Living Systems Information Practitioners, we are able to ensure development of accurate individualized treatment protocols through this dynamic biofeedback method.  This method, now being fully researched in this country, is the cutting edge of Biofeedback Screening Therapy.  This method allows us to better individualize treatment by measuring how the body interacts with its environment and enables us to get further information and to educate patients by providing visual and audio cues.  Since people given the same diagnosis may require much different therapies to re-establish health, this method helps individualize treatment which has proven such amazing positive patient outcomes.

We and AALSIP study of Living Systems Information, utilize a German biofeedback instrument, the VEGA Bio-expert.  The VEGA Bio-expert is manufactured in Schiltach, German specifically for U.S. health practitioners by the well-known VEGA firm. It is an FDA-registered medical device for use only by health care professionals.

Electrodermal screening (EDS) is a generic term for instrument-based methods that provide information about the functioning of the body via electrical measurements of the skin. In the hands of trained professionals, EDS is a powerful tool that enables practitioners to reach their patients at the deepest level.

This dynamic biofeedback therapy system can:

Detect and identify all types of intoxications & metabolic toxins, quickly determine which remedies and nutrients are ideal for each patient, evaluate & prioritize food sensitivities, determine the psychological component of a patient’s condition, identify dental material compatibility …and much more!

Even though there are many biofeedback and electrodermal testing mechanisms available today, with the combination of the Vega Bio-expert and Applied Kinesiology we feel we have been able to establish the most amazing individualized patient protocols and treatment outcomes. This is an amazing and pain-free technique combination that we utilize with every patient when deciding on supplemental and nutritional protocols in practice!

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