food sensitivity training

Food Sensitivity Training

No diet fits for any one person, yet we do find that the closer one adheres to the principles of a genetically-based traditional diet (Paleolithic), the healthier they get.  One of the modifications in this Paleolithic way of eating is the removal of foods that create gut sensitivities and allergic responses throughout the entire body. Food sensitivity testing helps isolate and remove foods from your diet that could potentially be limiting the natural healing process of your body.

The Difference Between Food Allergies and Food Sensitivity

So many people ask about the differences between allergies and sensitivities to food, and are surprised when traditional testing methods do not reveal evidence of allergies.   It is possible and very common to have severe responses and sensitivities to foods without evidence on a blood, stool, or saliva test.  When a food item is ingested there is a local response in the tissue of the gut which can trigger GALT (Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue) activation with the subsequent nitric oxide signaling and an up-regulation of inflammation.  This GALT activation often happens in reaction to antibiotics and hormones found in factory farmed meat and dairy products, and chemical exposure from processed foods.  This up-regulation of inflammation can cause a range of symptoms from upset stomach to chronic joint pain and can also lead to chronic problems in the gut such as leaky gut syndrome or abnormal intestinal permeability (see Digestive Disorders) which often leads to chronic disease.

Food Sensitivity Testing Can Help Restore Your Health

Since the digestive system is a major immune system organ with an estimated 40-70% of defense activity taking place in the Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue, it is vitally important to restore gut health by removing any foods that might be an irritant to the tissue and repairing any gut dysfunction that may be present.   We find in order to accurately test for these food sensitivities we must combine biofeedback screening with actual food samples.

“I had chronic digestive problems for years and had been tested by many doctors with no answers to my situation. It was getting so that I was constantly bloated and gassy and never felt like I could digest my food. My digestion was so bad I always had something coming out one end or the other. I began to gain weight and noticed that I was getting colds or sinus infections almost every other month. Something was seriously wrong. I was recommended to see Sabrina and on my first visit she tested me for food sensitivities and had me remove a list of foods and recommended new food choices. She also tested me for supplements and asked me to come back in five weeks. I began the food removal for the first week and waited to take the supplements. Just by removing those foods I began to digest my food, no longer had bloating or had to run to the restroom on an hourly basis. I am really amazed at how food sensitivities and even bad food choices have such a big impact on health. After doing some nutritional testing and supplementation, I am no longer having sinus infections or colds and I am able to get through the day without a nap. I am now a believer that food choices are our health choices.” 

Food Sensitivity Testing - by Barb A. 5/5 stars

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