There are many factors these days in the potentiality of illness in children.  The most common is the burden of endogenous and exogenous toxins that lead toward a susceptibility to develop allergies, skin problems, chronic infection, chronic illness, and the like.  In most of these cases, children then suffer from constant susceptibility to an illness relapse due to a compromised immune system.  This can be a problem that occurs as a result of early and over-treatment with antibiotics early in life, or even incorrect nutrition.

Children susceptible to infectious illnesses generally suffer from a variety of symptoms that range from poor general health to lack of concentration, poor learning capabilities and exhaustion during the course of a school day.

Benefits of Alternative Medicine

Alternative or Complimentary Medicine has played a pioneering role in the field of pediatrics in developing a new consciousness toward health.  Many parents have decided, in this age of “drug dangers,” to become more informed and to incorporate the effective possibilities of alternative therapies for their children.  In this, they are educating themselves about the advantages of early identification, prevention, and treatment of potential medical conditions.

Infinite Wellness provides a safe place for children to come and have a fun experience while determining the best and most effective ways of finding a treatment and nutritional plan that best fits each child.  Most children will receive nutritional suggestions, homeopathy, and nutritional medicinals that are easy to swallow and are sometimes even fun to take.  We see children from the age of 18 months up and provide them with very effective, non-frightening and safe methods of treatment.


“I have struggled with my daughter for 3 years now from her constantly either having a head cold, bronchitis, or asthma.  The doctors put her on round after round of antibiotics, seeming to only make the onset of each sickness to become closer and closer together.  I was referred to Sabrina and after 2 months of treatment my daughter is breathing clearly and has been without a cold now for 1 month.  Sabrina has also educated me on certain food choices and continual supplement use so that I can keep my daughter from getting sick through the cold and flu season even though she is around so many other sick children.  I would highly recommend Sabrina’s information and treatment to anyone who is struggling with the illness of a child.  As she has confirmed, these are the most vital years of health development for life.”

- Marilyn W., Denver, CO

“My daughter has had severe eczema since she was born.  We have taken her to many doctors and have had her on many medications topical and ingestible with no results.  We have actually had some of the medications cause her digestion to be very irregular and her moods become uncontrollable.  We took her to see Sabrina about her skin and her other symptoms and after 3weeks her skin and digestion began to get better.  We had to remove some foods from her diet and continue to have her tested and doing supplements for 5 months.  Today her skin is almost completely clear and she is once again happy and eating well.”

- Beverly W., Highlands Ranch, CO

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