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Initial consultations are one and a half hours in length. This includes discussing your medical history, Bio-Resonance and food sensitivity testing, acupuncture and instructions for taking remedies. Patients will return in five weeks for their next testing appointment to be re-evaluated for a new prescription of remedies. However, there are some cases that may require acupuncture on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

1) Please bring any history of testing (MRI, blood work, etc.), especially the most current information.

2) List of medicines being taken at this time (bring the actual medicine in if possible).

3) Your intake form filled out, along with the HIPPA Forms and Mandatory Disclosure.

4) If you have children, please arrange for childcare during your appointment (unless of course your children are being treated). We will need your undivided attention to complete evaluation and testing.

The $175 fee for initial consultation includes Bio Resonance and food sensitivity testing, acupuncture and remedy instruction. Each retest after the initial consult will be $125. Supplements and herbal remedies are an additional cost. Depending on your needs, the cost of remedies can range from $100 to $400 per five-week period.

Depending upon how chronic or acute your illness will indicate how much time you can expect to continue treatments. Acute ailments may only need treatment and testing every five weeks over a three-to six-month period, depending on the severity of the ailment. In some chronic cases, clients may need to continue their five-week treatments for as long as one year with the potential to taper back to being treated every six months in order to maintain the level of wellness achieved. For more chronic conditions it can be an on-going part of your lifestyle. Overall, the length of treatment will be influenced by a host of factors, including your particular illness, overall health and lifestyle, and your ability to change any routines that are damaging to your health and well-being.

Feeling better will depend upon how chronic or acute your condition is. It can be a few days or it can be as long as three weeks before there has been a distinct change in the way you feel. As you retest and continue your treatments, the changes will be continual. There are times of plateau in which you might be doing cellular work and therefore “cannot feel” your changes but, as in any medicine, this will be a building block or stage for the work to follow. It’s important to note that these treatments are not a quick fix or magical pill, but a permanent change. It takes time and commitment by you to follow through. Those who stop doing their treatment and remedies because they are feeling better can find themselves back in their prior state of health. You must continue your treatment and remedies until your body can maintain itself without the extra support. Feeling better does not mean you are completely well. Our goal is to have you independent from any medications, not dependent.

There are no adverse side effects. In rare instances an individual’s digestion system may not be strong enough to process certain supplements or herbal remedies, which can lead to loose stools, gas or nausea. In those cases, dosages will be reduced until digestion becomes stronger and is able to handle full doses.

Absolutely. Your treatments will be formulated to work in concert with allopathic medications prescribed by your doctor. In most cases, pharmaceuticals can create extreme deficiencies in certain nutrients. Testing will often show us what it will take to treat these deficiencies so that the body does not suffer from the lack of vital nutrients. Often times the addition of this medicine can allow your body to better utilize required allopathic medications.

We have a full pharmacy within the clinic. Shipping of remedies to other states or locally here in Colorado is also a convenient option for our clients.

You may have lifestyle changes that include removing or adding foods to your diet, exercise, emotional support and other measures. Of course, the implementation of and commitment to, taking your remedies on a daily basis will also have a direct impact on your lifestyle. While changes to lifestyle can be awkward at first, since we are all creatures of habit, they are necessary since your recent routines have led to illness. We have found that once our patients are rejuvenated and start to enjoy their lives again, they typically embrace these changes with vigor and renewed resolve to protect their health and well-being.

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