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Infinite Wellness

Release the Full Potential of Your Health

Whether you are a firm believer in Alternative Medicine or a newcomer seeking relief that Western Medicine has failed to provide, Infinite Wellness Holistic Medicine Denver can help you to reach a new balance of health and physical harmony.

Through our testing capabilities, we have learned that the combination of multiple-modality medicine has been the answer in treating chronic, long-term illness. Our testing allows YOUR BODY TO TELL US what is required in order to reestablish optimal health. Each combination of medicine your body selects is chosen based upon the need to treat different parts or layers of the body on different levels at the same time. One can serve where the other cannot and the combination is the perfect union.

-Sabrina Maiden, L.Ac.

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Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy & Holistic Health in Denver

Our Wellness Mission

Infinite Wellness offers the most progressive technology and comprehensive medicine in Alternative Medicine today. From a warm and welcoming environment in Castle Rock, Colorado, the clinic has successfully restored thousands of patients to optimal health who were suffering from chronic degenerative diseases, largely considered incurable or unsupported by the Western medical profession.

What sets Infinite Wellness apart from other practicing clinics is its approach to Individual Applied Medicine by using comprehensive testing and regulation of the body’s metabolic pathways through Biofeedback Screening, Applied KinesiologyAcupuncture and the combinations of German Biologic and Spagyric Medicines, Oriental Medicine/Chinese Herbology, Homeopathy, Injection Therapy, Nutritional and Naturopathic Medicine.

About Infinite Wellness

“No Doctor could give me any relief without suggesting medications. However, the very first day that Sabrina treated my ear with acupuncture, the pain was gone and now a month later I am still pain free. The procedure is so easy, I wish I would have tried it sooner.”

Kathee P., Lakewood, CO

“Sabrina,when I first came to you, I was not feeling at my best. I was fatigued, sleeping badly, lack of concentration. I did not want to be on any heavy duty medications, and an acquaintance referred me to you who said you were very knowledgeable and able to help. Since seeing you for the last several months I have been feeling well, and getting better all the time. I regret not going to you sooner.”

Linda T., Littleton, CO
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