Diarrhea can happen to anyone and it is generally caused due to viral infection, though bacterial toxins can also be a reason.

If you are having diarrhea, make sure you drink a lot of water, because if you don’t, then you might get dehydrated. Diarrhea causes a lot of water loss along with the loss of essential salts, so you need to replenish your body with the essential nutrients and salts.

Depending upon its cause, diarrhea can be either acute or chronic. The most common cause of acute diarrhea is food poisoning. Other common causes are infections, and medicinal side effects etc.

If you are looking for some herbal remedies for diarrhea, then you have come to the right place.

The most common herbal remedies for diarrhea include:

  • Grapefruit

    Herbal remedies for diarrhea include eating grapefruits.
    You can use grapefruit seeds to prevent diarrhea. They fight against infections and microbes. Because these seeds are very bitter, you can take them in the form of capsules. Taking about 3 capsules a day at equal intervals of time would suffice.

  • Apple cider vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the great herbal remedies for diarrhea
    Mix a teaspoon full of honey and a teaspoon full of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and drink it about 30 minutes before your meal. This is especially useful for people who travel a lot.

  • Lemon

    Lemons in water create a solution that kills bacteria associated with causing diarrhea.
    Take a fresh lemon and squeeze its juice in a big glass of water. This solution will kill diarrhea causing agents. You can drink lemon juice as much as four to five times each day to kill off diarrhea causing pathogens. Lemon juice is also a great natural remedy for the common stomach virus.

  • Raspberry

    Use a raspberry leaf in tea. This tea is very useful to cure diarrhea. Raspberries contain a substance that actually prevents bacteria from adhering to healthy cells in the body (www.berriesunlinimted.com). You can also drink blackberry juice, as it is very helpful.

  • Water

    Diarrhea causes the body to lose a significant amount of fluid. During a diarrhea attack, make sure you replace the lost fluids by drinking plenty of water and juices so that your body can rehydrate itself. If your body has enough water, then you can easily beat diarrhea.

Effects of Chronic Diarrhea

Generally, diarrhea does not pose fatal risks to health, but if an infant gets affected by it, it could be deadly. If you are suffering from diarrhea, it is better that you show it to a doctor. Your doctor will be able to give the right advice and cure diarrhea in a better way.